Saturday, April 21, 2012

Missing Being Part of a Couple

Recently I went out to dinner with a friend who was widowed some years ago.  In the ensuing years, she's built a happy, busy, and productive life for herself.  As we pulled into a parking place at the restaurant, a couple in their 50's or 60's walked in front of the car.  They were holding hands and talking and laughing.  My friend and I watched them in silence, mesmerized by how much fun they seemed to be having together.  My friend said it was times like that when she most missed being part of a couple. 

It was a sad moment and a poignant reminder that those good times are missing from our lives.  Have you or someone you know felt this way and what triggered it?


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  1. Having lost my husband a couple of years ago, I experience those sudden moments when the sense of loss of those special times of being with someone special is overwhelming. For me, it is sad because I know I'll never have that again. I cannot believe I could find that with anyone else. I don't even want to try.
    Eating alone in restaurants, attending a movie alone, having no one to accompany me when I travel -- all those are poignant moments that I feel now, knowing life will never be the same.